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Lenni was about two-years-old when she arrived in Green Bay, Newfoundland in June 2000.

Lenni became entangled in a fishing net, but fortunately was released by a caring fisherman. She became heavily scarred from entanglement in netting and later in the chains and ropes of a boat mooring. 

Although Lenni initially showed some avoidance of people and boats, she soon began looking for interaction and over a three year period, exhibited a marked increase in sociability. Each spring Lenni showed up in different regions of Newfoundland, inhabiting several harbours until autumn or winter ice conditions forced her departure.

The Whale Stewardship Project’s long-term tracking, documentation and protection programs for Lenni have added significantly to our knowledge and experience concerning these lone sociable whales. Although the last sighting report of Lenni was the final day of October 2002, this spirited young whale gives us hope that solitary belugas can survive for long periods on their own and may one day find the opportunity to resume normal life with other whales.

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