The beluga, for whom we have yet to determine gender, paid early spring-time visits to  wharves in at least two other harbours as well as to the Bull Arm Fabrication Site. There, the whale checked out the underwater activities of commercial divers as they performed maintenance at the site.  Video footage sent to us courtesy of Sea-Force Diving showed the beluga to have developed a significant degree of interaction over five days around the divers.  Similar to the other belugas we have studied, apparently this whale was also initially somewhat “shy”. However, the fact that this animal exhibited a relatively high degree of social interaction with people so early on, leads us to suspect that the whale may have been previously exposed to humans. It is possible Chance may be the same whale that was sighted by fishermen in Trinity Bay in the summer of 2004.

The Whale Stewardship Project intends to continue efforts to track and monitor Chance’s movements and behaviour through  this 2005 season.

We are asking anyone who observes a beluga around Newfoundland and  Atlantic Canada to refer to the guidelines and to contact us as soon as possible with your sighting information.

With thanks!

Our appreciation to Jon Lien - Memorial University, Sea-Force Diving Inc.,  the Bull Arm Fabrication Site, the Dean family and the Packet  community newspaper.

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where whales and humans meet.


The nickname “Chance”  was given to the solitary beluga whale who visited a cove of the same name in Newfoundland & Labrador in early spring 2005.

Chance was first observed in Trinity Bay on February 25, 2005 and is seen in the photograph here taken by Brittany Dean.

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